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  • Higher Ed Cloud Community Conversation and Additional Resources
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Community Cloud Conversation

  • EDUCAUSE Cloud Computing Community Group (page includes link to subscribe to group listserv)
    • Slack Team - Join here
    • Monthly Higher Ed Cloud Call
      • Format: Meetings alternate between presentations one month to open discussion the next
      • Details:
      • Meeting topics:
        • 2019
          • September 25 - Open Discussion
            • Early survey results
            • EDUCAUSE F2F
            • CCCG Leadership transition
          • August 28 - Supporting Research in the Cloud - Round 1: The Human Bridge
            • Derek Morr (Cloud Solutions Architect) and Greg Madden (Associate CIO for Research) - Penn State University
            • Rob Fathland (Research Computing Director) - University of Washington
            • Marty Sullivan (Cloud Systems Engineer) - Cornell University
            • (notes and recording)
          • July 24 - Open Discussion 
            • Funding for OS teams in the cloud
            • AWS Multi-Tenant vs Multi Account Strategy
            • Creating and tracking a ‘cloud innovation’ fund through optimization
            • How are you supporting researchers in the cloud?
            • Integration Tools
            • (notes and recording)
          • June 26 - Cloud Community Events and Activity
            • Recap of Cloud Networking Workshop put on by U Michigan, U Minnesota and Internet2 (Alok Vimawala - UMich)
            • Update on Cornell Cloud Forum 2019 (Sarah Christen - Cornell)
            • CCCG Engagement Channels (Bob Flynn - IU)
            • CCCG Engagement Team (Jody Couch - UCSC)
            • (recording and slides)
          • May 22 - Open Discussion
            • Announcements
            • Firewalling in AWS: Paul Peterson from Emory talked about networking strategies for their non-research AWS environment. (slides)
          • April 24 - Google Cloud Platform
          • Mar 27 - Open Discussion
            • Performance testing of moving data from one cloud provider to another
            • SSO with AWS and how to federate external users
            • Upcoming AWS webinar series
            • Options for handling cloud training needs
            • Call for (self-)nominations for CCCG co-chairs
            •  (notes | recording)
          • Feb 27 - Open Discussion (notes)
          • Jan 23 - Cloud Q & A for Small Schools (recording and resources)
        • 2018
          • Dec 5 - Excerpts from the 2018 Cornell Cloud Forum (recording and resources)
            1. Title: Ouch! Commonly Overlooked (or Surprising) Cloud Costs
              Description: “Wait … that costs how much?” How do you prepare stakeholders for cloud-related charges that were provided ‘for free’ while on-premise?  What new charges exist in the Cloud? What are the associated costs? Most importantly, who is going to pay them?
              Presenters: Kari Robertson and Glenn Blackler - UC Santa Cruz

            2. Title: Using AWS CLI with Shibboleth and Duo
              Description: How can higher education give our faculty and staff convenient access to AWS tools without leaving behind a mess of long-lived secret keys? We’ll demonstrate a University of Illinois plugin to the AWS CLI which authenticates against Shibboleth with Duo and manages short-lived credentials, making it easy to be secure.
              Presenter: Chris Kuehn - University of Illinois

            3. Title: Kubernetes: Container Orchestration at Scale
              Description: Kubernetes is a resource scheduler that started as a Google project. Now it is the primary container scheduler being adopted across the spectrum of both cloud and on-prem based deployments. With an extensible scale-first architecture it’s easy to see why its adoption has outpaced other solutions such as Docker Swarm and Mesos. The goal is to present on the architecture of Kubernetes and basics of running Kubernetes at scale.
              Presenter: Jeff Sica - University of Michigan
              Resources: “Introduction to Kubernetes” open-source eight-hour 100-level labs:  and presentation:

            4. Time Permitting: AWS re:Invent recap

          • Nov 1 - Open discussion at in-person meeting at EDUCAUSE Annual Meeting
          • Oct 24 - Open discussion (see notes)
          • Sep 26 - Funding models for new cloud paradigms (speakers: David Seidl- Notre Dame, Ben Rota - Harvard)
          • Aug 22 - Notre Dame and the Cloud - Over the past three years, Notre Dame University has moved more than 80% of their IT infrastructure and services to Amazon Web Services (AWS).  On this month's Higher Education Cloud Collaboration conference call, leaders from Notre Dame University will provide an overview of their move to AWS, and will share their lessons learned and advice for other institutions.

Resource Sites and Papers

Platform-Specific Resources

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Resources

AWS Official Resources

re:Invent 2016 Sessions

Unofficial Resources

Google Cloud Platform (GCP) Resources

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