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Attributes for Collaboration and Federation


Attributes for Collaboration and Federation

Working Group Call of Thurs, Oct, 12, 2017 - first call of this working group


  • Mark Scheible, MCNC (acting chair)
  • Klara Jelinkova, Rice University
  • Tom Barton, University of Chicago / Internet2
  • Brad Christ, Southern Oregon University
  • Ted Hanss, University of Michigan Medicine
  • Kevin Morooney, Internet2
  • Nick Roy, InCommon/Internet2
  • Emily Eisbruch, InCommon/Internet2


  • Brett Bieber, U of Nebraska,
  • Ann West, InCommon/Internet2

Working Group Resources

  1.  Wiki:
  2.  Charter:
  3.  List:


Welcome, Roll Call / Introductions

Internet2 Intellectual Property Framework  Reminder

Working Group Overview (Wiki Homepage) 

  • This working group has reprsentation from InCommon Governance and Advisory groups, from CIOs and from Internet2 / InCommon staff..See the right side of the wiki. 
  • We had initially planned to include a registrar on his working group. However, It turned out that registrars have their own group looking at attribute release issues spun up via AACRAO, so we will touch base with that group in the future and exchange ideas. 
  • Thank you to Brad Christ for stepping up to serve as chair as of Oct 16, 2017
  • For publishing notes from this working group, it was decided to follow the process used by Trust and Identity governance groups, where the working group members reviews a private set of notes and then approved notes are moved to public wiki page here:

Charter Review (10 min)

      • After discussion, the group decided to switch the order of the first two items on the charter, so that development of the roadmap comes before policy recommendation.  
      • It was noted that we are moving towards Global R&S. In discussion the scope for this working  group, it was suggested that this group would likely not recommend a change to Global R&S, but might potentially encourage a subset be used for some use cases.  In addition this working group might look at the opt-in model and whether alternatives or nudges should be considered. This group might also evaluate if communication has been sufficient, and whether perhaps more outreach is needed to various groups.
      • It was noted that the role of this WG stops once we develop a draft policy. Then a draft policy would be sent for review by  InCommon Steering. InCommon Steering must approve any such policy and communicate it to the community.

 2017 TechEx: meeting of this working group 

    • This working group meets at 2017 TechEx on Tuesday, Oct 17, 3:50-4:40 pm Pacific Time, Bayview A Room 
    • Mark Scheible and Tom Barton will to facilitate. Brad,  Klara, Ted will not be able to attend.
    • The format will be short presentation, BOF, or Q&A. The plan is to use this TechEx session to provide overview of the landscape and solicit community input
    • It was suggested to ask Jim Jokl to attend the TechEx session to share information on the TIER approach to attributes

Next Call after Tech Ex - Thursday, Oct. 26 at 2pm ET

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