Scribing Template --Tues., Nov 12, 2013 at 1pm -- Santa Barbara

TOPICEntity Categories and Attribute Release

CONVENER: Nicole Harris REFEDS/TERENA / Pål Axelsson SWAMID / Uppsala University

SCRIBE: Valter Nordh / SWAMID

# of ATTENDEES: ~20


Nicole opened up with a background of entity categories, the what and why.

What can/shall REFEDS do with regards to entity categories? Harmonize entity categories? Produce information material aiming at different stakeholders? Standardization of the Library category is the next step.

How do we define success? Incommon has 60 large univ using entity categories - is that success or failure?
Entity categories can and shall exist in parallel with other methods of getting/releasing attributes.

In Incommon it's the federation that assigns entity categories to entities after entities themselves submits to Incommon.

Incommon has a SP that can test if an IdP correctly releases the correct attributes (Genie?)

Discussion on purpose with entity categories, end goal. (Scott C)

What software supports Entity Categories? Do we have good coverage? Shibb - Yes, SimpleSAMLphp - on the way, ADFS - yes, through femma (addon developed by Roland H)

Increasing uptake - through discovery? As IdPs can be tagged to support IF they support entity categories a SPs DS can restrict and only show the IdPs that are marked "support entity category".
Creating a stronger community - getting in touch with the right people. One on one? Once you got hold of a good person 
AARnet has good connections with the CIOs - but often the message stops at the CIO level...

Attribute release - default closed or open? Can Shibboleth per default be shipped releasing attributes, making it more of a "opt out" option? A question for the Shibboleth board..

Will changing defaults actually make a difference or does the univ take a active decision in NOT releasing attributes? Is this a "policy" issues that could be raised to XEO level for support?

What options are there for getting more attributes released? Changing defaults.. Raising the issue to CEO-level... Implementing a test-tool for end users to shame and praise IdPs releasing IdPs?

Can we as federations use more sticks in demanding in what IdPs need to meet in order to be let in the federations?


Standardize within REFEDS on the Library entity category.

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