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Scribing Template --Friday, Oct 5, 2012 at 1pm, Salon 4

TOPIC: Transitioning from homegrown approach to Grouper

CONVENER: Karolina Maneva-Jakimoska (Montclair State University)

SCRIBE: Sam LaSala (Montclair State University)

# of ATTENDEES: ~15


- Montclair State University is looking to move from a home-grown group provisioning system to Grouper.  The purpose of this session was to initiate a discussion about how other institutions have switched to Grouper and about how they use Grouper to meet their needs.

- How Grouper is used really depends on what an individual institution's needs are.  Grouper is very flexible.

- A popular use of Grouper is to take advantage of its delegation to allow the functional offices to make exceptions to general access rules.  For example, the I.R.B office can manage a group to allow them to give VPN access to guests.

- One university uses Grouper as its authoritative source for course enrollment information.  This allows them to include T.A.'s that Banner doesn't list as being in the courses.

- One university has a scenario where, for privacy reasons, the list of groups a user is a member of can't be obtained publicly by looking at the user object.

- Use Grouper Loader to bring in groups from an authoritative data source.

- Connectors have been developed to synchronize Grouper groups into LDAP directories and other systems like Google Groups.

- Grouper's changelog provisioner can be used for close to real-time processing.

- There haven't been many use cases for mapping Grouper privileges directly to Active Directory ACL's, but Duke University has done work in this area.

- Access management is a 3 part assignment - permissions, roles, groups/subjects.

- Role permissions can be inherited.

- An Authorization Standard API is being worked on.  This will allow applications written in any language (perl, for instance) to take advantage of Grouper-managed privileges.


- Some links to get started with Grouper:

- Wiki

- Videos

- Mailing lists

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