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Participants and Requested Topics

Let's Get the Conversation Started!

Advance CAMP is designed and delivered for and by you, but we won't know what your hot topics are unless you post them here. Don't be shy!
Please use this page to suggest topics for Lightning Talks, Invited Talks, Side Meetings, or other activitites or offer to lead a discussion.

  1. Go to the wiki login instructions and follow them until step 3 in the Quick Start to create an account in this federated wiki. (You don't have to send your eduPersonPrincipleName [ePPN]  to us.)
  2. Click on Edit in the top right and choose Edit This Page from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on the last row of the table.
  4. Add a line by clicking on the Insert Row After icon above and include your suggestions.
  5. Don't forget to register for the meeting by clicking on the Registration tab on the left.



Topics Interested in Knowing More About

Expertise or Experience to Contribute

Background or Resource URL

Activities/Side Meetings to Add to the Program

Travel and Arrival/Departure Arrangements

Benn Oshrin



VO Identity; Registries;
Standard APIs for IDM Services;
Provisioning Initiatives

Tom Barton

U Chicago & Internet2

Grouper, access management practices, Level of Assurance


federated ssh; extra-institutional "people-picking" and profile services like VIVO; enabling course-based access to federated applications

Michael Gettes

Carnegie Mellon University

Permissions and Authorization - where are we going as a community?

Federation, Inter-federation, we need better UIs in the USA, Invitation based IdPs, why do we need local federations?  Identity Services is what we do - what do you do?

Jim Basney


FedAppWG, InCommon Silver, InCommon for CI, InCommon SP boarding process, SAML ECP on the command-line


Boyd Wilson, Billy Cook, Mike Gossett, Jeremy Grieshop, Jeff Bate

Clemson University



AuthN/AuthZ Discussion Diagram

How a general purpose authorization library could be leveraged by different applications for different authorization sources, thus aiding adoption


Ken Klingenstien





Groups and Federations


Jens Haeusser


Enterprise authentication for mobile apps





RL "Bob" Morgan

University of Washington / InCommon

Federation boarding problem





Eric Westfall

Indiana University


Kuali Identity Management

  • Kuali looking to expand functionality of KIM to include more idm functionality, interested in challenges we may face during this, others who may be interested in participating.
  • Federation of research administration (between instances of applications like Kuali Coeus)


Mike Wiseman

University of Toronto

Non-web federated access.

Higher assurance implementation.



federated command line apps, InCommon Silver, SAML ECP.


Tom Zeller


PFC provisioning federations and clouds

standards and implementation community as an example ( Graphs

SCIM, SAML, SPML current events.





























































































































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