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Participants and Requested Topics

Let's Get the Conversation Started!

Advance CAMP is designed and delivered for and by you, but we won't know what your hot topics are unless you post them here. Don't be shy!
Please use this page to suggest topics for Lightning Talks, Invited Talks, Side Meetings, or other activitites or offer to lead a discussion.

  1. Go to the wiki login instructions and follow them until step 3 in the Quick Start to create an account in this federated wiki. (You don't have to send your eduPersonPrincipleName [ePPN]  to us.)
  2. Click on Edit in the top right and choose Edit This Page from the drop down menu.
  3. Click on the last row of the table.
  4. Add a line by clicking on the Insert Row After icon above and include your suggestions.
  5. Don't forget to register for the meeting by clicking on the Registration tab on the left.



Topics Interested in Knowing More About

Expertise or Experience to Contribute

Background or Resource URL

Activities/Side Meetings to Add to the Program

Travel and Arrival/Departure Arrangements

Scotty Logan

Stanford University

What other schools are doing in social networking, identity, authN and authZ

OpenSocial, possibly OAuth / OAuth WRAP



Scott Battaglia

Rutgers University

OpenRegistry - open source IdM system. A place for data about people in your institution.


OpenRegistry Web Site
Project Survey on Identity-related Requirements: OpenRegistry



Eric Westfall

Indiana University

Kuali Identity Management - lightweight implementation for application developers
Project Survey on Identity-related Requirements: Kuali Identity Management



Tom Barton

University of Chicago


Grouper Groups Management Toolkit

Project Survey on Identity-related Requirements: Grouper and Grouper website



Paul Hill




Project Survey on Identity-related Requirements: perMIT from MIT



Lorenzo Gil

Yaco Sistemas


Identity Federation in Python webapps with PySAML2. Known problems of the Hub&Spoke architecture.




Mark McCahill

Duke University

social networking and identity

federated presence and identity in immersive collaboration environments - Croquet/Open Cobalt

Open Cobalt



Ray Davis

UC Berkeley

Federated groups and roles, calendaring

Sakai 2, Sakai 3, IMS LIS

Sakai project
Federated authorization issues for LMS/CLE



Richard Dumm

Penn State University

The application of Project AND Process Management to IdM.

Project AND Process Management




Jim Basney

University of Illinois

levels of assurance; non-browser applications; attribute release

federated login to cyberinfrastructure; certificate authorities; incident response

CILogon Project
CILogon Service


Mon noon - Thu 5pm

Celeste Copeland

University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

uApprove, Open Source IDM Account Provisioning / De-provisioning 

Shibboleth, Grouper


possible Open Source IDM Account Provisioning / De-provisioning break-out session


Richard James

Newcastle University (UK)

OSS Tools to exploit IDM

Using OSS tools to extend IDM systems (i.e. provisioning to systems)

JISC Funded GRAND project



Tim Poe


Federation of K-12 Organizations

NC Trust    Flywheel

North Carolina Federated Identity Management Task Force

Would like to see breakout sessions dedicated to solutions unique to K-12 communities (attribute release policies, cost models, limited infrastrcture and human resources in school districts, etc.)


























































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