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Rough Draft of Action Items

Click here for most current status on Advance CAMP Action Items




- Jens Haeusser, U. British Columbia
- Todd Piket, MSCU
- Eric Pierce, U. South Florida
- Randy Miotke, Colorado State U.
- Benn Oshrin

  • put together a SW registry with functions and portability


  • form group to talk about Sun/Oracle
  • gap analysis
  • document stack and relevant product options...

- CampusEAI roundtables underway
- MACE-Dir WG participating

  • form group to work on protocol specs


  • look at marketing of Open Source IdM suite


  • look at the services catalog for IAM and see how it maps to needs


  • design/architecture documentation -- look at mechanisms by which the various components interconnect (e.g. via framework)


  • compile best practices to be included in a reference implementation


  • work on federated provisioning/deprovisioning


SPs and App Developers


  • Assemble volunteers to help with preparation of best practices documentation, including potentially Educause and OCLC, including both IdPs and SPs


  • Work with international partners, since adoption is becoming so widespread...


  • Scott will likely start by fleshing out the skeleton to kick this off, and reach out to specific people for contributions

- Scott Cantor, OSU
- Keith Hazelton, U. Wisc-Madison,
will shepherd a potential new MACE Working Group

  • InCommon should define extensions for things like uApprove


IdM Project/Process Mgmt.


  • No Next Steps identified...


Loosely affiliated populations


  • No Next Steps identified...




  • LoA and identity assurance profiles are very different, and thus there needs to be distinction/clarification


  • Assemble list of schools using LoA with e.g. NIH


  • Revisit requirements for Silver, with an eye toward whether they are set too high for higher-ed

- Renee Shuey, Penn State
- Tom Barton, U. Chicago

  • define what types of services might require higher LoA, and listing them


  • need risk assessment and better entropy tools

- Mark Scheible, NCSU

  • develop best practices for re-credentialing, e.g. auditing challenge/response questions


  • define a subset of groups working on authn context to work with NIH


  • shepherd new groups of InC schools to collaborate on piloting InC-Silver


Grids & non-browser apps


  • support Eduroam, need national scale infrastructure


  • make progress on DNS to IdP mappings, for DNS-based discovery

- Scott Cantor, OSU
- Leif Johansson, SUNET/NORDUnet

  • Follow work in IETF on SASL and federated login


  • encourage work on non-browser clients by creating a wiki space to host student projects...


  • mobile app development

- Scott Cantor, OSU ++

Kuali Id. Mgmt. (KIM)


  • Revisit defining a standard API for groups

- Eric Westfall, Indiana U.
- Tom Barton, U. Chicago
- Ray Davis, UC-Berkeley

  • get Kuali governance to affirm direction for KIM, e.g. will it be a full IdM suite? Or be portable? Or support another group to make it portable?

- Eric Westfall, Indiana U.

  • get Kuali more involved in Educause IdM CG list, for increased mutual awareness

- Eric Westfall, Indiana U.

Social Networking


  • assemble a group to think about working with Google, FaceBook, and Twitter

- Scotty Logan, Stanford
- Nate Klingenstein, Internet2

  • encourage more attendance at IIW (Sep 2010 in DC) to interact with Google, FaceBook, and Twitter

- Scotty Logan, Stanford
- Nate Klingenstein, Internet2

  • Encourage wider use of OpenSocial, and further development of relevant gadgets


  • collect info about how campuses are using social networking tools, internally and externally, and how they see it fitting in to their plans -- document use cases

- Scotty Logan, Stanford



  • Grouper team investigate federated external groups in COmanage

- Chris Hyzer, U. Penn

  • Google-Grouper connector - help with development?

- Steven Carmody (lead), Brown
- Spike Henning, U. West Florida

  • document sharing GoogleDocs with external users

- Will Norris, Google, will look into this on the Google end...

- Steven Carmody, Brown



  • No Next Steps identified


IAM Governance

- Mark Scheible, NCSU

  • compile best practices, e.g. the way processes ought to work


  • case studies of working governance groups - what they have taken on and how they function


  • enable communication between interested users


  • Look at the PennState documentation




  • UNC-CH is working on this, and will document on a wiki page and dedicated mailing list(s)

- Celeste Copeland, UNC-CH (lead)
- Tom Zeller, U. Memphis
- Karsten Honeycutt, UNC-CH
- Brad Schwoerer, U. Wisc-Madison

  • form and lead working group looking at provisioning in the broader context, including how it may fit into next-gen campus IdM system, and creating a glossary
  • Document what is happening with provisioning in the standards bodies

- Steven Carmody, Brown, will wrangle...
- Jens Haeusser, U. British Columbia
- Nate Klingenstein, Internet2
- Tom Zeller, U. Memphis (lead)
- Jeremiah Adams, UC Boulder


  • raise status within InCommon
  • work with USTrust Federations group, develop value
    prop for federated IDM with K12
  • work with testing boards to run IdP for prospective students
  • Technical and Community Colleges

- Tim Poe, MCNC

Policy Engines


  • look into the 6 paccman use cases to show how they can be  
    addressed with various policy engines

- Keith Hazelton, U. Wisc - Madison (lead)
- Leif Johansson, SUNET/NORDUnet

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