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Advance CAMP: The Second Identity Services Summit

June 23-25, 2010

Raleigh, North Carolina

Applications may run as a campus-based, federated, or cloud service.  They may be community sourced or commercially provided. In any case, a large part of integration is addressing identity and access management (IAM) needs in a scalable way. If you align IAM service approaches across development projects and campus IAM infrastructure, then you can reduce the integration burden. Otherwise this work is left to developers and campus implementers.

If you're interested in working together to align IAM approaches to ensure that delivered software will be more secure, easier to integrate, consistent and usable, join your colleagues at the upcoming Advance CAMP: The Second Identity Services Summit. Building on last year's Identity Services Summit, we'll hear from suppliers and consumers of identity services across several projects and development frameworks. We will determine specific steps  as we continue moving towards de facto standardization. Architects, developers, and deployers of open source and commercial-sponsored software, services, and frameworks will find participation most useful.

Outcomes of this discussion-oriented, participant-driven meeting are to:

  • Develop new IAM requirements for current projects, products, and development frameworks
  • Identify opportunities for new IAM-oriented projects, align complimentary work, and collaborate on solutions
  • Set the direction for the community on what's next for identity-related activities and resources

Meeting participants will:

  • Engage in solving identity-related challenges of importance to you
  • Hear about who's doing what and how to participate in or leverage their activities
  • Consider the modern Internet identity landscape and the potential soultions available for solving problems for extended communities
  • Look closely at possible common integration solutions
  • Work together to more fully develop  requirements, solutions, or use cases
  • Review results from the 2009 Identity Services Summit event and share progress over the subsequent year
  • Consider technologies such as Facebook, OAuth, OpenID, SAML, Kuali KIM, OpenSocial, Spring, and Django among others

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Notes and Action Items

Notes and action items from the 2010 meeting are available now and linked from the Program Page.

Action Item follow-up activities are being tracked.

Review the updates on the 2009 Action Items.

Pre-meeting  topic ideas and contributions to the meeting.

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