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Follow-up Plan for Advance CAMP Action Items

Schedule for Check-In Calls with Action Item Leads and the ACAMP Program Committee
#Resources for Working on Action Items


Each action item will have a lead and, in most cases, several group members associated with it. The lead will:

  • Facilitate the development of group deliverables/goals
  • Establish a timetable with milestones
  • Represent the group in the status calls (see below)
  • Ensure deliverables/goals/status updates get added to the wiki.

Action Items will have at most a 5 month duration. Ater that time, a collective decision can be made to extend or close down the group.

Schedule for Check-In Calls

Status Calls, coordinated by the ACAMP Program Committee, for all Action Item Leads/Coordinators were held:




Call 1

Thursday, July 29, 2010
3 pm ET

Organization of work/Proposal of deliverable/goals
Notes from the call

Call 2

Thursday, Sept. 30, 2010
3 pm ET

Status / In Progress
Notes from the call

Call 3

Wednesday, Nov. 17, 2010
3 pm ET

Final & Next Steps
Notes from the call

Call 4

Wednesday, Mar. 30, 2011 
3 pm ET

Spring 2011 Follow-up Call

Resources for Working on Action Items




A dedicated wiki page is linked to each action item from the Action Items Main Page

Email List

If you have two or three people total on your Action Item team, it probably isn't worth setting up an email list. If you have a larger group, you can contact Steve Olshansky (steveo at internet2 dot edu) for assistance setting up an email list.

Phone Bridge

Please use this free Conference Call service, which has been recommended by Jonathan Markow:

Meetings that Could Potentially Provide Venues (in addition to calls) Progress on Action Items

  • EDUCAUSE 2010, Oct 12-15, Anaheim
  • Jasig UnConference, Oct 17-22, Joliet, IL
  • Internet2 Fall Member Meeting, Nov. 1-4, Atlanta --- Session on "Bleeding Edge of IdM" Highlighted ACAMP Action Items!
  • Internet2 working group call. Eg, MACE-paccman, Grouper-dev, COmanage-dev, MACE-dir.

Need additional support / consultation on the Action Item project?

Contact the ACAMP Program Committee: acamp-pc-2010  at

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