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  • ACAMP2010 - Federated Group Management in Grouper
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Wiki space for work on 2010 Advance CAMP Action Item:

Develop Capabilities in Grouper for Federated Group Management Similar to COmanage

There were two things discussed at Advanced CAMP:

  1. Manage external subject similar to how COmanage does it
  2. Sync groups between instances of Grouper

9/27/2010 update: This has been sent to the Grouper and MACE-paccman lists and discussion ensued.  This is one of my next development items, I hope to implement it soon.

11/11/2010 update: Discussed this more on list, and at Internet2 Member Meeting.  I am most of the way done coding #1.  I hope to have some screens (self register/edit, and invite screen) of Grouper 2.0 on the demo server in a couple of weeks.  For #2 I know how I can do it with the grouper client and WS and assuming Grouper to Grouper communication.  The right (and long term) way is to use SPML or the standard Groups API, but we might have a short term solution for Grouper 2.0 if there is time...

1/27/2011 update: Done coding both Grouper enhancements in Grouper 2.0




Discuss these issues with the Grouper team and keep the MACE-paccman group informed.  Definitely #1 will be developed, and hopefully #2 also.

Group Members

Chris Hyzer and Grouper dev list and MACE-paccman list.  Anyone else?


to help tracking, please keep adding to the status info here with summary of current status and date

Working Area

Was discussed at MACE-paccman call on 5-Aug-2010. Design notes are here:

Was discussed at Grouper Call on 4-Aug-2010 See subhead on "Advance CAMP Action Items"

Was discussed on the email list with Grouper and MACE-paccman

Viewed COmanage screenshots

In process of federating the Grouper demo server


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