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Social Networking

Scotty Logan lead
two things it could be about
Jens: UBC Life story
Scott relates IE8 ad re $500 for personal info for fake bank
Password for snickers bar anecdote
How many schools have a Facebook presence?
Basically, everyone, officially (most) or unofficially (the rest).
Jens mentions issue of unofficial pages pretending to be real pages.
Authenticity, "verified account" problem in Facebook.
Andrew Petro re expectation of privacy.
Ray re size constraints, lack of ability to integrate with other things on campus.
Ray re internal social networking projects enabling smoother transition from applicant to established student social networking.
Q: anyone looking at Facebook Connect for applicants?
There was one yes.
Adding OpenID?  Better than / no difference from email address and password?
Carmody: portal as social networking framework among applicants
Will (Google): rather than using Facebook Connect, anyone writing Facebook apps outright?
Drupal modules for easily exporting content into Facebook as a Facebook App. 
Carmody: do people look at Facebook as something to directly work in, or as something to emulate using resources better controlled?
Office hours in Facebook.
Any other social networks? Twitter. Official feeds.  Announcements.  A piece of emergency notification?
What about when individual employees are posting?  Should there be protocols for tweeting? Tweeting personas?
Integration between Twitter and blogs?
Embedding social networking into higher ed applications? Sakai 3?
OpenSocial gadgets and attractiveness of API. Ability to drop Jira 4 functionality into arbitrary OpenSocial containers.  Desirability of e.g. Sakai 3 tools *being* OpenSocial gadgets.
People who have portals: Have you thought of scrapping them for something more social?  Is anyone doing activity streams?
Jens: integration of WordPress and MediaWiki as content management system.
Duke looking at social portal using Cisco's Enterprise Collaboration product which is based on Liferay.  It's Facebook-like.
Ray Davis: Portal for academic networking, an internal site.  Federated RSS feeds of activities across the academic and university spectrum.
age divide in use of Twitter and Facebook.
How much are students using live chat embedded in Facebook?  Jens suggests it's one of many IMs they use.
Professor and course rating.
OpenSocial relationship: "friend"
Drupal: module for basically arbitrary two-way and one-way relationships
Ray re need for non-symmetric and symmetric relationshps (mentors, advisors, peers, classmates, students)
Grouper for modeling friends?
Facebook's friend list model.
Loss of control when data is off on Twitter, Google.
Web finger?
Social networking to make staff more productive, more connected?
Shibboleth and OpenID?? OpenId 1 doesn't do what's wanted, OpenID 2.0 does mostly with some peripheral stuff.  Plans to put OpenID 2 support into shib IdP, but then Will found a job at Google and that halted this dev effort.
Implement OpenID Connect?
Ambitious nature of OpenID Connect goals.

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