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Leading an ACAMP Unconference Breakout Session


Thank you for leading an Unconference breakout session. Here are some important tips.

  • Be sure to appoint a primary scribe. In addition to having a primary scribe, scribing is collaborative (using a Google doc linked from the ACAMP wiki), so please encourage the entire group to help with scribing. Do not start your session without a primary scribe.

  • Introduce yourself fully at the start of the session, including your name, role and how you came to be interested in this topic.

  • Encourage others to introduce themselves prior to speaking.

  • Explain the topic carefully at the start of your breakout.

  • Be sure everyone has a chance to contribute to the discussion.

  • Ask the group for questions.

  • Use the last five minutes to determine next steps and be sure to list them in the scribing document.


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